Save Money - Be Energy Efficient and Energy / Rebate Smart

There are two main costs related to your heating and cooling systems.  One is the price you pay for your system or appliance and the second is the cost of the energy and maintenance of your system.

Basically the higher the efficiency the more you will save over time. Check with us to see if any of our manufacturers have any rebates or specials and also check PG&E's rebate catalog to see how much extra you can save on your appliance.

PG&E Rebate Information

PGE Residential Rebate Catalog
Printable PG&E rebate application


Another factor in saving ongong enery costs is how well your home or office is insulated and weatherproofed. The money you invest today in energy efficient weatherstripping and insulation will increase your buildings value and will save you money on your future energy bills.